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Are you or your ex-spouse having trouble sticking with the established visitation schedule? Once child custody and visitation arrangements are in place, modifications to those court orders can be made any time a significant change occurs. In order to modify visitation, you must file the appropriate paperwork with the court. Our Las Vegas modification of visitation attorney at The Hill Law Group can help with the paperwork and legal representation.

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Visitation Modifications When Parents Agree

Visitation agreements are often modified outside of court when both parties agree on the modification in question. While this may seem like it is easier, we do not recommend modifying visitation rights outside of court. These types of informal modifications are hard to enforce if one parent opts to defy the agreement. It is always best to go through the proper channels to ensure the interests of your child are upheld, this will be the biggest factor the Court considers.

Some factors that might result in a successful modification to visitation orders include the following:

  • Habitual deviation from the visitation schedule
  • Repeated failure to return the children at the scheduled time
  • Influencing the children with immoral or illegal instruction
  • Conviction of a crime
  • Relocation

Visitation Modification When Parents Disagree

If parents cannot reach an agreement regarding modifications to visitation, the parent in favor of the modification must file a motion with the court. In such cases, Nevada courts usually only modify an existing order when the parent can show a material change in circumstances. This provides more stability for the child and lessens the load of excessive motions for the court.

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At The Hill Law Group, we can provide you with experienced legal representation to help achieve a modification of your visitation schedule. Our attorneys Robert and Shauna, can take the time to work with you.

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