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Divorcing parents face the daunting task of having to make major decisions before they end their marriage. One of the most important issues that couples must resolve is the custody of their children. In these instances, parents should turn to The Hill Law Group where an experienced Las Vegas Family Law Attorney can help them consider all the factors involved before making this monumental decision about their children.


Nevada Child Custody Law

IN Nevada, the paramount consideration of the court when determining child custody is what is in the best interest of children. A court will not grant custody to parents based solely on the fact that they are the mother or the father of the child. In some cases, a judge may ask the children with whom they would like to live, or order a child interview.

There are two types of custody; Legal Custody and Physical Custody. The courts generally tend to award joint legal custody except in unusual cases. Physical Custody is the actual amount of time a parent has with a child

Legal Custody

Legal Custody, gives parents all the rights and responsibilities to make decisions in regards to their children’s medical care, education, religion and welfare. Nevada law automatically grants joint custody to married parents. Unmarried parents can contact a Child Custody Attorney who will represent them when asking the court to grant them joint custody.

In some divorce cases, one parent may ask for Sole Custody, meaning that parent will have full custody of the children while the other parent pays child support and is allowed to visit the children.

Physical Custody

Physical custody takes into consideration where the children will actually live each day. . There are 3 types of physical custody. 1) Joint Physical Custody, 2) Primary Physical Custody, and 3) Sole Custody. Joint physical custody is when the parents have either a 50-50 time share or up to 60-40 time share. Primary physical custody is when one parent has the child or children at least 60% of the time. Sole custody is when the non-custodial parent does not have court awarded visitation.

When seeking split custody, it is best to consult a Child Custody Lawyer who can advise parents about the advantages and disadvantages this type of arrangement will have on the children and on each other, particularly on those parents who still hold ill-will toward each other.

Without a doubt, a divorce is an emotionally challenging time for parents. Divorce also impacts children who not only have to handle the stress of their parents splitting up, but they may have to move away with one of their parents. It’s good to know that The Hill Law Group is a dedicated, highly trained team of attorneys that have the expertise in Family Law to help steer families through the process of divorce and place them on the path to starting a new life.

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